Smile Design

It should be said that while dentistry is developing day by day, dental veneer methods have taken their share from this development. Here, it is very important that the coating material structure is compatible with the human body when choosing dental coating materials.

With it’s color, structure and useful side, Zirconium crown, Laminate and e-max is coming as a right and important choice to in front of us. This veneer method and the materials used, which is a good opportunity to replace missing teeth and refresh worn teeth, contributes to people benefiting from healthy teeth for a long time. It is possible to get a good result from the examination, treatment and then the preferred Zirconium, laminated and e-max coating method.

With Zirconium and e-max Veneer, healthy teeth and happy smiles are the mutual wishes of everyone. Zirconium Crown which is the most popular preferance of the last period is a very important and healthy option, especially people with allergies to metal. Thanks to its light transmittance, the matte appearance disappears and those who use this veneer method have a more original tooth appearance.

This Veneer method is a very healthy choice between long term and durable methods. After veneer process, high performance is expected from the teeth and this result is achieved in practice. We all know what a healthy smile means, as well as people’s needs such as eating and talking. As a result of this coating method, people get the opportunity they expect and this coating method is recommended to everyone who needs it.

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Special Features

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