Implants are artificial teeth roots which made by titanium, placed surgically to jaw bone in the tooth loss area. Titanium builds a solid foundation for the tooth to be built on it by integrating (bonding) with the bone.

These are placed in the jaw bone with a small surgical process in the sterile environment by the dentists. After this process, implant holds exactly to jaw bone within approximately 2-3 months. After that, The tooth loss in the area is restorated with the porcelain tooth placed on the implant. At the same time implants help to protect the patient’s face type by preventing bone resorption due to toothlessness in the jaw bone. For applying the implant procedure, firstly need to be a bone structure which supports the implant and gums need to be healthy. In the situations these are not possible, implants can be done also with the applications of extra bone grafts and the success rate is extremely high.

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