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We, as Guclu Group LTD. STI. ,are providing services with our Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic which we opened in 2020 with the leading of Dt. Mehmet GUCLU in Acibadem. With our staff of specialists in the all fields,




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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Implants)

Implants are artificial teeth roots which made by titanium, placed surgically to jaw bone in the tooth loss area. Titanium builds a solid foundation for the tooth to be built on it by integrating (bonding) with the bone .

These are placed in the jaw bone with a small surgical process in the sterile environment by the dentists. After this process, implant holds exactly to jaw bone within approximately 2-3 months. After that, The tooth loss in the area is restorated with the porcelain tooth placed on the implant. At the same time implants help to protect the patient’s face type by preventing bone resorption due to toothlessness in the jaw bone. For applying the implant procedure, firstly need to be a bone structure which supports the implant and gums need to be healthy. In the situations these are not possible, implants can be done also with the applications of extra bone grafts and the success rate is extremely high.

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Ağız Diş ve Çene Cerrahisi (İmplant)

Smile Design

It should be said that while dentistry is developing day by day, dental veneer methods have taken their share from this development. Here, it is very important that the coating material structure is compatible with the human body when choosing dental coating materials.

With it’s color, structure and useful side, Zirconium crown, Laminate and e-max is coming as a right and important choice to in front of us. This veneer method and the materials used, which is a good opportunity to replace missing teeth and refresh worn teeth, contributes to people benefiting from healthy teeth for a long time. It is possible to get a good result from the examination, treatment and then the preferred Zirconium, laminated and e-max coating method.

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Gülüş Tasarımı

Laminate Veneer

Before the veneer process, the tooth rasping procedure isperformed. The veneer method, which tooth is done less and the tooth remains more solid, called as Laminate Veneer. In this method, which is known as leaf veneer in Latin, the main material of the structure is thick and the veneer is thin like a leaf. Therefore, a more steady and useful veneer method is encountered here.

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Lamine Kaplama

Composite Laminated

Composite laminate, which is one of the most common laminate procedures applied in aesthetic dentistry, is a very protective treatment method as it can be performed without corrosion the natural teeth of those who have the application. This treatment, which is applied to eliminate minimal aesthetic problems on the teeth, can be completed in a very short time.

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Kompozit Lamine


It is a science field which examines the soft tissues and hard tissues of the teeth and the diseases that occur in these tissues. Diseases that occur in the gums can be still seen even if the tooth is healthy. For this, protecting the soft (gums) and hard tissues (dental bones) surrounding the teeth is as important as maintaining general dental health. Gum disease is an inflammatory disease caused by bacterial plaque accumulating on the teeth.

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Orthodontics (Braces Applications)

Orthodontics is the specialty of the practices and studies on the correction of disordered teeth. In this treatment method, which we also know as braces applications, disordered teeth are ordered and people have a healthier and more regular teeth structure. Before deciding on this issue, it is important for doctors to perform an examination and check the condition of existing teeth with x-rays. Then, a treatment application is started with the method that the specialist dentist will decide to apply.

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Pedodontics is the specialist dentistry service that provides services for the protection of both baby teeth and permanent teeth of children between the ages of 0 and 13. Doubtlessly, infancy and childhood periods are the period that mouth, jaw and head structure developed and changed mostly. In this process, it is important to control the children for both the negativity and checking. Otherwise, in the field about teeth, there are more beneficial results of early treatment method.

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Teeth Whitening

Having healthy teeth and being brave while you smile is a serious matter. If your teeth go yellow or their color turns to even brown, that will be a big problem which need to be fixed. There is a 4 different option in the field of teeth bleaching (whitening).

Home type whitening, office type whitening, only single teeth whitening and combined teeth whitening come knocking at the door. Already, the mentions are explaining fairly enough that what they are.

Dentistry services are developing and this developments are providing big opportunities to our patients for reaching to more healthier and beautiful teeth. It is important to gravitate to experts and their successful methods for healthy and white teeth instead of the teeth go yellow.

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Diş Beyazlatma

Conservative Dental Treatment

It is a procedure that is cleaning decays and filling the gap with an artificial filling material (cavity).

Tooth decays are defined as a disease in teeth tissue due to a couple of reason nowadays.

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Konservatif Diş Tedavisi

Bruxism (Gnashing of the Teeth)

Commonly known as gnashing of the teeth or grinding teeth is a discomfortability causes the individual to grind their teeth. The persons who suffered from bruxism can face with some problems when they are awake. Grinding teeth with unconciousness is just one of this problems. Sleep Bruxism is mentioned as a moving disorder due to sleep under normal conditions.

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Bruxism (Gnashing of the Teeth)


Endodontics main science field interests examination and treatment of diseases become in tissues surround the teeth, besides alive tissues like veins and nerves inside teeth which is defined as dental pulp (teeth pulp). Basically it aims to protect the natural teeth. It tries to protect as much as possible and to keep it inside of the mouth.

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Dt. Mehmet GÜÇLÜ

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Dt. Berfin Sena KARAARSLAN

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